Photogrammetry project of a sculpture from one of London parks.

How this was done:

The process involved taking photos of this object, importing the photos in RealityCapture, which then processed them and created a rough geometry with textures.
Next step was retopologizing the object in Maya, as triangulating method wasn’t preserving a lot of the detail.
After the object had been modelled and UVd, it was then imported in Zbrush to project the details of the original on to the new mesh.
To present it more nicely, I created a concrete wall - a sort of a frame. (Concrete frame was created in Maya and texture in Substance painter.)
Lastly, illuminated the scene with an HDRI and rendered using Redshift engine.
Composited and colour graded in Nuke.

Work in progress personal project of a big cat creature. Currently creating its coat using Yeti groom in Maya.  ↑  Used Maya and Zbrush to create the model.

Personal photogrammetry projects, done using Maya, Arnold and Nuke. As well as a Canon camera and iPhone Xs camera. ↑

Created this short 3D product launch video of Heist Studios new shapewear bodysuit, roughly a weeks project.
Once the scene and all the elements were nearing completion, it became clear that I had to look for a render engine that would make it possible to materialise the whole sequence with a very quick turnaround.
After a bit of research I turned to Redshift GPU renderer and was quite happy with the results. Scene created in Maya, sequence composited in Nuke and edited in After Effects.

Here is a glimpse of a earlier render with a more specular shader.
Contrary to this, the real-life product material was quite diffuse, so I ended up compositing the specular channel out of the final render.

A minimalistic city scene I did on free time mostly just exploration of blocky shapes and variety of light and colour. Created in Maya and rendered in Arnold.

While at Marshmallow Laser Feast, had the opportunity to help with the Hennessy The Quest project.

I helped with:

-3D Modelling in Maya, Zbrush and occasionally Rhino.
-Technical drawings of the panels that hold the shards in  Rhino.
-Assisting with testing the physical shards and constructing the real-life sculpture.

Here are the parts I modelled and animated for this preview.

As part of Koffeecup team working on VR experience for the launch of the new Jaguar EPACE at Excel, London.
Modelling had to be modelled specifically for use in realtime game engine. Low poly, yet retaining same amount
of detail.

I helped with:

-3D Modelling in Maya and ZRemeshing in Zbrush where this was the best option.
-Assisting on creating the Tron look, created the blue glowing lines.

While at Marshmallow Laser Feast, had the opportunity to help with building the structure, or, the skeleton, of the giant Sequoia.
This required working quickly and efficiently with tight deadlines, precision and adaptability to a new, custom software.