Reel with some of my freelance work from 2019.
Music: Loop - Caught

Parallax style project I was commissioned by Ogilvy UK, for British Airways.
Separated this image by Ogilvy UK team in parts, then recreated it in 3D environment using projections in Cinema4D. Animation, post production in After Effects also done by me.
One of those projects that can have infinite level of complexity and you just end up adding more and more, very fun to work on though!

Personal photogrammetry projects, done using Maya, Arnold and Nuke. As well as a Canon camera and iPhone Xs camera.  ↑

Personal project of a big cat creature. Next steps involve creating a Yeti groom in Maya.  ↑  Used Maya and Zbrush to create this model so far.

Another photogrammetry project work in progress. Interesting to see cloth color and shape.

Concept art.  ↑

Pitch illustration for Dyson while at Pixel Artworks and OHMY, Nudle, Primark visualizations while at Matrix APA. ↑

2D Visualisations for Matrix APA. ↑

I also had the opportunity of collaborating on these awesome projects.  ↑

Concept Art.  ↑

Small personal project with isometric perspective buildings. Used Maya and Arnold.   ↑

Illustration. ↓

Pitch Illustration for various projects, including social events, showcase design, mobile games and web applications. ↑